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Specialist in positive psychology

Skilled in a wide variety of innovative treatment modalities,

including group psychotherapy, role-playing, Gestalt, psychodrama, sociodrama, and positive psychotherapy.

Highly sought-after keynote speaker and workshop leader

Experienced in development and delivery of Internet-based learning programs.

Demonstrated ability to interact effectively with students, faculty, administrators, editorial boards, clinicians, and trainees.

Creative, award-winning, dedicated educator and clinician with strong interpersonal, organizational, supervision, and communication qualities.

30 years of successful clinical and academic experience


University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, MAPP, Masters of Applied Positive Psychology, 2012

World’s first degree program in positive psychology. Developing research designs for measuring positivity in IBT groups and experiential workshops and organizing evidenced-based, general public narrative, nonfiction book proposal on positive psychology. 


New School University, New York, N.Y.,MFA, Master of Fine Arts/Non-Fiction Writing, 2001

(University Chapbook winner in nonfiction)


Yeshiva University, New York, N.Y., Ph.D., Developmental Psychology, 1981

Dissertation: Effect of Bizarre Imagery on Memory as a Function of Cognitive Maturity

(Post-doctoral retraining in counseling psychology for licensure in New Jersey)


Fairleigh Dickinson University,Teaneck, N.J., Master of Arts in Developmental Psychology, 1975


Springfield College, Springfield, MA, Bachelor of Science in Psychology, 1973



New Jersey Licensed Psychologist #2207

National Association for Dual Diagnosis Competency-Based Clinical Certification (NADD-CC)

Am. Board of Examiners in Psychodrama, Sociometry, and Group Psychotherapy, Trainer Education Practitioner (Developed, train, and supervise a training program for graduate students and therapists seeking certification.)

Developmental Resources Corporation, Certified in Gentle Teaching

APA Professional College, Certificate of Proficiency in Alcoholism and Addictive Disorders (Renewable)

National Register of Group Psychotherapists, Certified Group Psychotherapist (Renewable)

Academic Experience


Academic Director / Core Faculty, Spirituality Mind Body Institute, 2020-present. The Spirituality Mind Body (SMB), Master of Arts Degree Program at Teachers College, Columbia University is the first Ivy League graduate program dedicated to merging spirituality and evidence-based research within the context of clinical psychology.  

Columbia University, Teachers College, Core Faculty Spirituality Mind Body Institute, 2017-present Created and teach the Optimal Well-Being concentration within the SMBI program.


Columbia University, Teachers College, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychology and Education, Department of Counseling and Clinical Psychology, 2016- present. Develop and teach 2 graduate courses in positive psychology/ positive interventions for treatment.


University of Pennsylvania, Assistant Instructor for Martin Seligman, Masters of Applied Positive Psychology, 2012-present. World’s first positive psychology degree program; developed by Martin Seligman, the Father of Positive Psychology. Assistant Instructor for  James Pawelski, Director of Education and Senior Scholar Positive Psychology Center. Grade all class papers and mentor capstones for both courses.


New Jersey City University, Jersey City, N.J.,Faculty Associate Professor, 2001-2016

Teach undergraduate and graduate courses in psychology, including all phases of developmental psychology and group psychotherapy. Developed and teach the department’s first Web-enhanced online courses. Recently developed and taught a new graduate course on Supervision for Group Therapists. Designed and teach an undergraduate course in Positive Psychology. This is the first such course at the university level in the state of New Jersey.


Monmouth University, West Long Branch, N.J., Adjunct Professor, 1998-2004

Prepared lesson plans for a Group Process and Personality Development, and Group Psychotherapy courses at this private college. These are graduate-level experiential courses in group dynamics for the psychology and social work departments. Designed self-study interaction classes to foster a productive learning environment.

Brookdale College, Lincroft, N.J., Full Professor, 1980-2001

Planned, designed, and implemented introductory through advanced psychology courses (Human Development, Family Pathology, Group Dynamics, etc.) and researched, evaluated, and selected the supplemental educational materials, as well as created highly successful courses (including a Web-enhanced group dynamics class) and continuing education workshops for human service workers, therapists, certified alcoholism counselors, and other healthcare professionals (including care for the caregiver workshops).

Served as co-director for the college’s Human Service Program, developed and implemented interim programs, including a Certified Alcoholism Counseling Program, and reviewed internship requirements with 150+ agencies. Increased program participation in the Psychology Department through individualized instruction, effective teaching techniques, and the development of innovative programs.


Kripalu Center, Lenox, MA

Faculty for workshops on transpersonal psychology and psycho-spiritual development.



Princeton University, Princeton, N.J., Visiting Faculty, 1998-1999

Selected to participate in a yearlong teaching fellowship program: partnered with prominent social psychologist John Darley, Ph.D., to investigate the use of role-playing in teaching negotiating strategies. Designed innovative action methods to increase students’ understanding of cultural differences during negotiations. (See publication Culture in Action: Diversity Training with a Cultural Double The International Journal of Action Methods: Psychodrama, Skill Training, and Role Playing Vol 53, #2, 51-65.) 


Private Practice, Red Bank, N.J., Licensed Psychologist, 1986-present

Provide individual, couple, and group therapy using a wide range of treatment modalities, including psychodrama and sociodrama techniques. Specialize in group psychotherapy with various populations, couple work, and individual psychotherapy. Extensive research, consulting, and clinical work with individuals with intellectual disabilities and psychiatric involvement: Dual diagnosis.

Rutgers University/Robert Woods Johnson, N.J. System of Care

Ongoing clinical staff training


Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College, Dubois, WY

Clinical Expert in Psychodrama 2014-2015

(Working to help trial lawyers with voir dire, opening statements, and closing arguments)


ServiceNet, Amherst, MA 

Consultations for clinical staff on group process and positive psychotherapy.


Saskatoon Teacher’s Education Association, Saskatchewan, Canada

Consultation of implementing features of positive education and positive parenting.


YAI National Institute for People with Disabilities, Psychological Consultant, 1990-2011

Conducted monthly training workshops for the largest service provider for this population in the United States.


State Divisions of Developmental Disabilities/Human Service Agencies/School Systems, Psychological Consultant/Trainer, 1986–present

Staff training consultant throughout the United States. Consultant for numerous agencies, including the Easter Seal Society, Center for Humanistic Change, ServiceNet, Ocean County ARC, Bergen-Passaic ARC, and Carrier Foundation. Also consult for various state mental health agencies.


Monmouth ARC, Psychological Consultant Group Therapy Trainer, 1985-2001

Designed client-centered behavior management programs for mentally retarded and dually diagnosed adults, developed staff training programs, and authored the agency’s behavioral management training manual.


Long Island Jewish Hospital, Research Project Consultant, 1996-1997

Implemented the Interactive-Behavioral Model of Group Psychotherapy, developed training programs for professional group therapists, assisted in the development of study design, and performed statistical analysis.


Carrier Foundation Day School, Psychological Consultant, 1988-1989

Trained group facilitators on theory/techniques in action-oriented psycho-educational groups for adolescents.


Riverview Medical Center, Red Bank, N.J.,Staff Psychologist/Group Psychodramatist, 1984-1986

Co-facilitated a group therapy process for psychiatric outpatients.


Young Adult Institute, Group Home Manager, 1979-1980

Managed and coordinated daily activities for a residential facility with patients classified as intellectually disabled. Supervised and trained a staff of 30 professional and paraprofessional employees.


Association for Retarded Citizens (renamed ARC), Director/Grant Writer, Work Activity Training Center, 1974-1979

Served as director for the Title XX grant-funded program.

Clinical Experienc


Guest Editor Fall 2015, New Jersey Psychologist Special Edition on Positive Psychology

Feature Columnist, Well-Being and Positive Education Two River Times

Lifedojo Scriptwriter, The Science of Happiness

Expert Blogger on Depression,

Expert blogger on well-being lifestyle,

Continuing Education Credit Course Developer, Positive Psychology (6 CEU reading course) Health Forum Online

Daily Columnist, Ask The Therapist, (over 2400 publications)

Monthly Columnist, Proof Positive,, application of research in positive psychology for the general public. (recent 50 articles listed:

Expert blogger on Group Psychotherapy, The Healing Crowd, Psychology Today

Executive Editor, Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy, 2010-2012. Primary responsibilities included establishing guidelines, reviewing manuscripts, and setting policy for this new peer reviewed journal.

Secretary, Board of Trustees, N.J. YAI - National Inst. for People with Disabilities, 1998-2010

Executive Counsel, American Society for Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama, 2004-2008

Fellow, American Society for Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama, 1997-present

Consulting Editor, Mental Health Aspects of Developmental Disabilities, 1995-2008

Consulting Editor, Journal of Group Psychotherapy, Sociometry and Psychodrama, 1992-2010

Member Board of Directors, National Association for Dual Diagnoses, 2001-2002

Faculty Advisor, Brookdale Children's Center, 1986-2001

President, New Jersey Society for Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama, 1993-1995

Positions Held


American Psychological Association, Member, Division 33- Member, Division 49 Group Dynamics; Member Div 46 Media Psychology

American Society for Group Psychotherapy/Psychodrama, Fellow

National Association for Dually Diagnosed, Member (former board member)

New Jersey Society for Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama, President 1993-1995

New Jersey Psychological Association, Member (Guest Editor/ Positive Psychology Fall 2015)

International Positive Psychology Association, Member

Professional Affiliations


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Tomasulo D.J. (2019) The Virtual Gratitude Visit (VGV): Using Psychodrama and Role-Playing as a Positive Intervention. In: Van Zyl L., Rothmann Sr. S. (eds) Positive Psychological Intervention Design and Protocols for Multi-Cultural Contexts. Springer, Cham

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To link to this article:


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Martin Seligman, Ph.D., Zellerbach Family Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and Director of the university's Positive Psychology Center. Past president of the American Psychological Association.

James O. Pawelski, Ph.D., Director of Education and Senior Scholar Positive Psychology Center University of Pennsylvania and Executive Director International Positive Psychology Association.

Robert Siroka, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Sociometric Institute in NYC and past president of The American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama. 

Robert Fletcher, DSW, Founder and former CEO of the National Association for Dually Diagnosed.

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