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While a visiting faculty member on fellowship at Princeton University, Dan studied playwriting with Tony Award-winning playwright Christopher Durang. His plays Sticks, Stones and the R Word and Negatively Oriented Therapy won the 2010 and 2012 International Playwriting Competition for the reTHINK Theatre Challenge and debuted in New Zealand. 


Here are brief clips from both plays.

The Happiness Cafe
PERFORMANCE  18 - 5 Ways to Bliss & N.O.T (Negatively Oriented Therapy)
reTHiNK Nz

PERFORMANCE 18 - 5 Ways to Bliss & N.O.T (Negatively Oriented Therapy)

Details of the performances in this video are below. Copyright Feel free to use/ link to or embed this video for education/ awareness but please credit our website. (above) ___________________________________ Musical Credit -- "5 Ways to Bliss" by Steve Carter (Bio under "reTHiNK Your Safety" ___________________________________ N.O.T (Negatively Oriented Therapy) Written by Dan and Devon Tomasulo (USA) Directed by Roberto Nascimento Starring: Dr. Downer - Aidee Walker * Joint winner of the reTHiNK Best Actress Award" I.M. Flourishing - Andrew Monroe * Winner of the reTHiNK Best Actor Award Someone too happy goes to a very specialized therapist for help. At what point does our obsession with labelling things stop being useful? *Dan Tomasulo (Ph.D., TEP, MFA , MAPP)'s work and projects seek to provide services, events and literature that enhance well-being for individuals, couples, families, workplaces and communities. Previously a visiting faculty member on fellowship at Princeton University, this psychologist, psychodrama trainer and writer has recently graduated from the Master's of Applied Positive Psychology program (MAPP) and is now an assistant instructor for Martin Seligman at the University of Pennsylvania for the same course. He is also on faculty at New Jersey City University in the psychology department where he teaches, among other courses, positive psychology. Unfortunately Dan cannot join us from the USA this time around, but he was here in person at the 2010 reTHiNK Theatre Challenge and will be watching it Live online on the 6th. *Devon Tomasulo, MFA, is a poet and writer completing her doctorate at Drew University. She is currently researching the life and work of poet Elizabeth Bishop and knows she is a better writer than her father but hasn't told him so yet. *Roberto Nascimento is an actor and producer based in Auckland, super excited about directing his second short play. Recent actor credits: Some Explicit Polaroids, by Mark Ravenhill , Chub and A Krazy Kristmas, by Thomas Sainsbury. Recent Film: Spoils of War and the internet based Relief (google it). As a director: A Mini Singularity (Short + Sweet 2011, finalist). He is uber excited about his cast and the festival. "A massive thank you to Louis Mendiola, Dan Tomasulo and the Like Minds team for this opportunity. And to our audiences for the support," says Nascimento.
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