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Simple CBT Skills to Transform Anxiety & Negativity Into Optimism & Hope

Harness the power of positivity to overcome anxiety—and thrive!


If you suffer from anxiety, you may feel stuck in a vicious cycle of rumination, worry, and avoidance—and ultimately miss out on all life has to offer. But what if you could shift your thinking and start living with more expansiveness, hope, and happiness? What if you could transform stress and anxiety, and find lasting balance, peace, and joy? This book can show you how.

Based in proven-effective cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and positive psychology, psychologist Dan Tomasulo—author of Learned Hopefulness—offers powerful skills to help you overcome negative thinking and harness the power of positivity to reduce stress, boost confidence, and find instant calm and sustainable happiness.


Not being anxious is not the same as thriving. Nor does worrying less mean that you are at peace. With this inspiring guide, you’ll learn to do more than just stop worrying—you’ll learn to completely transform your outlook for long lasting serenity and joy.

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